In 2019 the CALIBSO Family will be complemented by the additional modules LeakHunter O2/AIR and LeakHunter N2O. Thus the CALIBSO now also is a universal testing device for leakage tests of medical gas extraction points for AIR (medical compressed air), O2 (oxygen) and N2O (laughing gas) in hospital technology and in rescue and ambulance vehicles.

The operation of the LeakHunter is intuitively done via the CALIBSO touch display. Through pluggable interface modules the parameters to be measured are taken, numerically or graphically shown in the display, related to the measuring point entered before and automatically recorded on an SD card in the test report.

The LeakHunter also has an integrated RFID module enabling to scan the labelled test points and to assign them automatically.

After the automatic teach-in of a defined measuring cycle its configuration is saved in the device and is available for two different test modes. The full test checks all parameters required by the standard for correctness. During the long time test this test is repeated to detect leakages (O-rings) and loose contacts. The test result is visualized as GO-/NO-GO statement. Additionally the defective extraction points can be seen from the test details.