Company Profile EKU Elektronik GmbH

Medical Innovations – from the idea to the finished product

EKU Elektronik GmbH from the Hunsrück area in Leiningen, Germany is a medium-sized company with a qualified team of currently 28 employees and celebrates 30th company anniversary this year. The company name EKU stands for the three founders of the company Mr. Erdmann, Mr. Karacsony and Mr. Ulrichskötter. Since its establishment in the year 1992 EKU has specialised in development and production of electronic products in the field of ventilation, anaesthesia, gas therapy and medical measuring technology. It also produces for other medical companies as well as for the pharmaceutical industry in the so-called OEM-business, according to EKU's slogan "from the idea to the finished product".

Since 1998 the EKU-Products are marketed through local distributors to more than 40 countries world-wide. Development and production take place in the factory in Leiningen, Germany. This inhouse know-how is the key for successful existence in national and international markets for the dedicated EKU-Team.

In the past 30 years EKU has always presented innovative products which are continuously developed and of which some still have an unique selling point by today, such as the portable anaesthesia unit ARCUS and the ViP Ventilatortester. The challenge in continuous development of new electronic medical products has already been appreciated by winning various innovation awards in the German state Rheinland-Pfalz.

From 2002 EKU offered apprenticeships in the technical and commercial division to enable new career prospects for school leavers in the region of Rhine-Moselle-Hunsrück. EKU also supports the WILDWUCHS campaign for vocational training in the Rhine-Hunsrück county. Furthermore EKU offers internships during school or studies.