For the previously sold or discontinued measuring devices...

... such as

  • ViP Ventilatortester

we still offer the corresponding maintenance and calibration service and selected spare parts as long as our stocks last.

Flow analyser ViP Ventilatortester

Flow analyser ViP Ventilatortester

The maintenance and calibration service of the anaesthetic gas measuring device OXYANGA was discontinued in July 2019. Furthermore this service for V-Meter and P-Meter was discontinued from April 2020 as well as for the ViPex Ventilatortester from January 2022 and for the O2-Meter from May 2022.

You are looking for a replacement product? Our ventilator tester CALIBSO ViPlus offers flow and pressure measurement as well as gas measurement with an additional external sensor. Contact us here for further information!