maniNO – nitric oxide blender

The maniNO blender for patient supply with a gas blend of oxygen (O2) and nitric oxide (NO) stands out due to easy usability and high NO-precision. It is suited for application in the manual ventilation and can thereby be used in transport as well as in MRI environment.

The dosing range of maniNO can be adjusted from 0-40 ppm with an also steplessly adjustable total flow of 0-15 l/min.

With a special transport bracket the maniNO meets the requirements for DIN EN 1789 concerning the transport in road ambulances.


Our comprehensive range of accessories for maniNO includes:

  • complete silicone resuscitation bag set for babies and children
  • single silicone resuscitation bags for babies and children
  • reservoir bags in different sizes
  • PEEP valves and adapters
  • gas supply tubes in different lengths for nitric oxide (NO) and oxygen (O2)
  • pressure reducers for nitric oxide (NO) and oxygen (O2)
  • special transport bracket for road ambulances

as well as

trolley for 3 cylinders up to d = 24 cm with

  • standard rail for maniNO
  • supporting arm for NO-A
  • wire basket for accessories


maniNO + NO-A + Trolley

maniNO Transport

This device is distributed by our authorised cooperation partners (see NO-A).