Maintenance and Calibration Service by EKU Elektronik

Benefit from the manufacturer's direct support service:

  • annual calibration service at reasonable prices
  • software updates free of charge
  • fast lead time
  • transport with leading parcel services
  • free reminder service
  • competent advisory service for technical questions
  • expert product briefing and user training

Calibration Service directly offered by the manufacturer

The field medical measuring technology by EKU Elektronik is specialised in taking measuring values for respiration parameters such as volume, flow, pressure and oxygen. We offer the corresponding calibration service for the following measuring devices developed by EKU: CALIBSO ViPlus Ventilatortester and ViP Ventilatortester.

Following the current DAkkS Directives (EN ISO 17025), calibration equipment has been developed by EKU Elektronik in order to be able to issue calibration certificates. Our quality system according to ISO 13485 makes great demands on the development and the process check of assigned inspection devices.

1. Regular Calibrating
If your company is certified e.g. according to ISO 9001 or ISO 13485 and you need to / must fulfil the supervision of the inspection device, traceability, regular subsequent calibration and the calibration before the first use, the measuring device has to be calibrated regularly. One cannot tell exactly at which intervals the device has to be calibrated. Therefore the user has to decide on his own when the device should be calibrated. Factors like demands of the measuring device, stability of the previous calibration and the admissible range of tolerance have an influence on the calibration cycle. We recommend a calibration interval of one year for most of our products.

2. Traceability
A continuous chain of inspection devices to the national standard is meant by traceability. This way it is ensured that the deviations in measuring of the measuring devices are compared to a national standard.

3. Documentation of the measured values
All parameters are adjusted anew in conjunction with an inspection software within the bounds of a works calibration in the EKU measuring laboratory. They are documented in a calibration certificate.

4. Service
The EKU calibration service offers an advantageous maintenance and calibration service for the customer, who requests a regular calibration. A free reminder service informs about upcoming calibrations. Appointments arranged by phone guarantee a shorter time of calibration.