Project Development / Customised Development

The technical development, manufacturing, handling, product care and update in hard- and software are the keys to your and our success.

The development:

  • development from the idea to realisation
  • development of product adequate technology for hard- and software
  • development of electronical cirucuitry
  • development of software (Microcontroller and PC) in Assembler, C/C++, Pascal/Delphi, etc
  • conception and construction of mechanical modules
  • product design
  • development of prototypes and building of models
  • prospects and documentations
  • setting- and user's manuals

The manufacturing:

  • ordering material
  • assembling
  • cleaning
  • casting of modules
  • mechanical work
  • electronical test equipment
  • programming of software

Do you have any enquiry about a project development / customised development?
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